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Split Bag 


Constantly adapting between workshops, transports, parties, youenn and vallin thought of an object that would facilitate these transitions.
With Split Bag, they wanted to develop a bag that rhymed with their practice and respected their values: several ways to carry it, very resistant and without sewing.

The bag is entirely made by Adaptism in their Parisian workshop from an industrial waste: split-leather recovered from a supplier of Haute-Couture brands.
Their intention was to develop a one-piece pattern in order to facilitate production, control leftovers and valorize them.

The Split bag is reversible, it adapts to its environment without changing its function, youenn and vallin wanted to highlight the two identities of split-leather enhancing both the roughness of the suede and the smooth side of the skin. This duality ensures the longevity of the Split Bag: it protects, covers and uncovers itself. Adaptism gives as much importance to the use as to the non-use, when the Split Bag is not in use, it can be placed vertically and then takes on a sculptural dimension.

Split-leather is not a standardized material, which gives a unique identity to each Split-Bag, and all parts of the bag are sourced between France and Belgium, from the rivet to the strap.