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Embrace the change and honor the matter 


Adaptism is co-founded by the artists designers paul youenn and eliott vallin in 2019. The name ‘Adaptism’ captures their philosophy; embrace the change and honor the matter. A simple and powerful philosophy that guides their research methodology and projects. The pair starts by choosing a material or subject, which they ‘honor’ by exploring, researching, learning from, and sharing knowledge with a collaborative body/organization, & ‘embrace the change’ by allowing for adaptive possibilities in research or production to create outcomes in the form of an artistic-design piece, product, or installation. Adaptism’s research themes link the body, object, and space. 



Schloss Hollenegg - East to West 

Kazerne Design Award  2022


Dutch Design Week - Kazerne

DAE Graduation Show 21 

Milan Design Week - Alcova 


Textile Museum of the Netherlands 



Le Consulat Voltaire

14 avenue Parmentier
75011 Paris